What does complimentary angles mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Complimentary angles are a pair of angles where the sum of their degrees equal 90.

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Q: What does complimentary angles mean?
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What does complimentary mean in math terms?

Complimentary angles are two or more angles that add up to 90 degrees

What is true about complimentary angles?

Complimentary Angles are those, when added, will sum up to be 90.

Are measures of complimentary angles add to 180 degrees?

No. Sum of measures of complimentary angles is 90 degrees.

Can Two angles cannot be equal if they are complementary?

If your question is "Can two complimentary angles be equal" then the answer is yes. If both angles are 45*, then they are complimentary and equal.

What does complimentary mean for math?

Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees are said to be complementary.

If the sum of the measures of 2 angles is 90 degrees the angles are?

Complimentary Angles

Are parallel lines supplementary or complimentary?

Angles are complimentary or supplementary. Lines aren't.

2 angles that have the sum of 90 degrees?

They are called complimentary angles.

The sum of complimentary angles?

90 degrees

Are two right angles complimentary?

No, they are supplementary.

Complimentary angles are always what angles?

Complementary angles are angle that have degrees that add to 90 degrees.

Can two acute angles be complimentary?

In every pair of complementary angles, both of them are acute angles.