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They are called complimentary angles.

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Q: 2 angles that have the sum of 90 degrees?
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If the sum of the measures of 2 angles is 90 degrees the angles are?

Complimentary Angles

What are 2 angles that measures have a sum of 90 degrees?

complementary angles

What are 2 adjacent angles with the sum of 90 degrees?

Such angles are called complementary angles.

What is it called when the sum of 2 acute angles is 90 degrees?

Complementary Angles

Is a right obtuse triangle possible?

No, it is not possible.The sum of all three angles of a triangle sum to 180 degrees. If there is a right angle (90 degrees), hen the other two must sum to 90 degrees. If 2 angles sum to 90 degrees then neither can be greater than 90 degrees.

2 angles whose sum is 90 degrees?


Do sum of 2 complementary angles is equal to 1 right angle?

Yes, the definition of complementary angles is that their sum is 90 degrees. All 90 degree angles are by definition right angles.

What are commplementary angles?

Complementary angles are 2 angles whose sum equals 90 degrees (a right angle).

What triangle has a right angle and 2 acute angles?

an isocelesANS2:Any triangle that has one right angle will have 2 acute angles. An acute angle is less than 90 degrees and the sum of all angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. The sum of the other two angles would have to add to 90 degrees so they would both have to be less than 90 degrees.

What is complimentary in math?

In the context of angles, two angles whose sum is 90 degrees or pi/2 radians.

In a linear pair of angles does one of the angles have to be obtuse?

Ordinarily, yes: one is acute (less than 90 degrees) and one is obtuse (more than 90 degrees), such that their sum is 180 degrees. The exception is if both angles are right angles (2 x 90 degrees).

Can triangle have 2 right angles?

No, a triangle has to have a combined sum of the 3 angles at 180 degrees, a right angle is 90 degrees. It is impossible to have a 90,90,0 triangle