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Absolutely nothing. A scale factor of 1 is the same as saying do not change the scale.

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Q: What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is one?
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What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is greater than one?

It depends on the aspect ratio. If it is a square object then it should scale up evenly. But if it is a rectangle then eventually a large enough scale factor will make it looked stretch on the longer sides.

What is a negative scale factor?

A negative scale factor is used to produce the image on the other side of the centre of enlargement (scaled to the absolute value of the scale factor).

What happens to resolution when image is maginfied to 400x?

with your image resolution? Nothing happens it remains the same till you change it in Image Size dialog. Image > Image Size.. Magnification is for your convenience to see enlarged image nothing really happens to actual resolution of original image.

Which parts of a microscope forms an enlarged image of a specimens?

The lenses of a microscope form an enlarged image of a specimen.

What happens to images that are closer to a concave mirror than the focal length?

The image is upright and magnified/enlarged.

What shaped mirror gives an enlarged image?

Mirrors that gives an enlarged image are basically a regular mirror just it has magnified glass.; Actually, it is a concave mirror, not a convex mirror, that is used to give an enlarged image.

What sets of transformations would create an image that is not congruent to its original image?

It is an enlargement

What happens if the scale factor is greater than 1?

The image is bigger than the pre-image.

Instrument that produces an enlarged image of an object?


What type of image do you see in a compound microscope?

you see an enlarged photo of what the actual image is

What type of image is formed by a refracting telescope?

an enlarged, upside-down virual image.

What type of image is formed by a refracting telescope -?

an enlarged, upside-down virual image.

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