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It depends on the aspect ratio. If it is a square object then it should scale up evenly. But if it is a rectangle then eventually a large enough scale factor will make it looked stretch on the longer sides.

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Q: What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is greater than one?
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What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is one?

Absolutely nothing. A scale factor of 1 is the same as saying do not change the scale.

A dilation is an enlargement if the scale factor is?

greater then 1

The multiplying factor when a shape is enlarged?

When a shape is enlarged the multiplying factor is greater than 1. Example : A factor of 7 means that a length of 1cm on the original shape would be represented by a length of 7cm on the enlarged shape.

If someone enlarged a drawing by a scale factor of 3 and got 396 cm squared what was the original drawing?

The scale factor is usually stated as a linear enlargement factor. Therefore, the area enlargement factor is the square of the scale factor, in this instance, 9. The area of the original drawing was thus 396/9 = 44 cm2.

When a rectangle is enlarged by a factor 2 what happens to its area?

uhhum i domt know

A transformation that proportionally reduces or enlarges a figure?

Scaling will proportionally reduce or enlarge a figure. The amount of scaling is given by the scale factor (greater than zero) If the scale factor is less than 1, the figure is reduced and it is sometimes called a contraction If the scale factor is greater than 1, the figure is enlarged, and it is called a dilation or enlargement. If a centre of enlargement is used, the distance of every point from the centre is multiplied by the scale factor. The scale factor can be negative in which case the distance to the new point is measured on the opposite side of the centre to the original point.

What kind of scale factor produces an enlargement?

Scale factors whose absolute values are greater than 1.

What is 9 enlarged by a factor of a number?

9 enlarged by a factor of a number is 9*y

What happens if a circle's radius is tripled?

If the radius is tripled then the Area will be greater by a factor of 9. And the circumference will be greater by a factor of 3.

What information do you need to complete a given shape enlargement?

The scale or enlargement factor.

Are the ratios of all three pairs of corresponding sides of similar triangles equal?

Yes. When a shape is enlarged the scale factor gives the ratio between corresponding lengths of the enlargement and the original.

What is an enlargement with a negative scale factor?

It is a smaller shape on the other side of the centre of enlargement.

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