What is 7-5x?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You cannot evaluate it without knowing the value of x, or more information.

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Q: What is 7-5x?
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How do you find the x-intercept of f(x) 6000 - 75x?

my bad its f(x) = 6000 - 75x

what is 75x 75?


What is the answer to square root of 75x - square root of 48x?


What is the GCF of 75x and 100xy?


What is the age of a Browning 20 magnum serial 75x 52463?

The prefix of 75x indicates that your Browning shotgun was made in the year 1975.

What is the answer to 75 x equals 750?

If 75x = 750, then (1/75)75x = (1/75)750, or x = 750/75 = 10.

What is -x3 plus 75x-250 divided by x plus 10?

(-x3 + 75x - 250) / (x + 10) = x2 - 10x - 25

How do you factorie 11x2 plus 75x-14?

11x2+75x-14 = (11x-2)(x+7) when factored with the help of the quadratic equation formula

What percent of 75 equals 33?

75x = 33 75x/75 = 33/75 = 0.44 x = 0.44 0.44 x 100 = 44%

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What is 50x over 75x in simplest form?


What is the answer of 5x(10 plus 5) plus 7x7?

The answer is: 75x+49