What is a algebra and what is its origin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Arabia is the origin of algebra, because the work algebra comes from the Arabic word algibr.

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Q: What is a algebra and what is its origin?
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What is the country of origin for algebra?

Uzbekistan is the home of algebra

What is the true origin of algebra?


What is the first name of algebra?

The origin of the name algebra is from the Arabic word Aljabr.

What is the origin of the word algebra?

Algebra originated from the Arabic word 'Al Jabr'

What is the origin of the name algebra?

It's from Arabic. For more information, use the link provided to the Wikipedia article on algebra.

What algebra words start with O?


What s the origin of the word algebra?

the irigin word for algebra is greek mahammid.

How did algebra get started?

Algebra, as the Arabic origin of its name suggests, originated with the work of the Persian mathematician al-KhwÄrizmÄ« (780 – 850).

What major event occured during the creation of algebra?

The word 'Algebra' is Arabic in origin, as 'A; Jebr', and means 'The Union of broken parts. The roots of algebra can be tracted back to Babylon approximatelt 1700 BC. Modern algebra was first used in the 16th Century,

What language does algebra comes from?

The etymology behind the algebra is a cognate from Arabic language. The word transliterated from its Arabic origin would be "al-jabr."

What is the meaning of the term origin in linear algebra?

It means the coordinate (0, 0) - or in three dimensions, (0, 0, 0). That is, the origin, or starting point, of the coordinate system.

How did algebra get is name?

A book written in Arabic called " Al-jebr w'al-mugabalah" is where algebra got its name. The beginning of this name, Al-jebr, is obviously its origin and means "the reunion of broken parts".