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This is the case when there is only one set of values for each of the variables that satisfies the system of linear equations. It requires the matrix of coefficients. A to be invertible. If the system of equations is y = Ax then the unique solution is x = A-1y.

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Q: What is a unique solution in linear equations?
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When does a system of linear equations in two variables have a unique or one solution?

simultaneous equations

What does a air of linear equations having a unique solution represent graphically?

Presumably the question concerned a PAIR of linear equations! The answer is two straight lines intersecting at the point whose coordinates are the unique solution.

What is a system of linear equations that has no solution?

there is no linear equations that has no solution every problem has a solution

What is cramer rule?

In linear algebra, Cramer's rule is an explicit formula for the solution of a system of linear equations with as many equations as unknowns, valid whenever the system has a unique solution.

What is the solution of a system of linear equations in two variables?

The solution of a system of linear equations is a pair of values that make both of the equations true.

How is Cramers Rule used in life?

It is used for solving a system of linear equations where the number of equations equals the number of variables - and it is known that there is a unique solution.

What are the applications of cramer's rule?

Cramer's rule is applied to obtain the solution when a system of n linear equations in n variables has a unique solution.

When will be the linear equations a1x plus b1y plus c1 equals 0 and a2x plus b2y plus c2 equals 0 has unique solution?

When (the graph of the equations) the two lines intersect. The equations will tell you what the slopes of the lines are, just look at them. If they are different, then the equations have a unique solution..

What is the condition for unique solution of linear equation?

The equations are consistent and dependent with infinite solution if and only if a1 / a2 = b1 / b2 = c1 / c2.

A system of linear equations that has soluton is?

A system of linear equations that has at least one solution is called consistent.

Does every pair of linear simultaneous equations have a unique solution?

So, take the case of two parallel lines, there is no solution at all. Now look at two equations that represent the same line, they have an infinite number of solutions. The solution is unique if and only if there is a single point of intersection. That point is the solution.

What is inconsistent system of linear equation?

It is a system of linear equations which does not have a solution.

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