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That's not an equation - it doesn't have an equal sign. Assuming you mean 2x2 - 3x - 90 = 0, you can find the solution, or usually the two solutions, of such equations with the quadratic formula. In this case, replace a = 2, b = -3, c = -90.

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Q: What is the answer for this quadratic equation 2x2 - 3x - 90?
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What is the perimeter of a regular polygon when each side is 4 cm and has 90 diagonals showing work?

Let the number of sides be x and use the diagonal formula:- If: 0.5*(x^2 -3x) = 90 then x^2 -3x = 90*2 If: x^2 -3x = 180 then x^2 -3x -180 = 0 Using the quadratic equation formula gives a positive value of 15 for x Therefore perimeter of the polygon: 15*4 = 60 cm

What are the solutions to the quadratic equation n2 -n -90 equals 0?

If: n squared -n -90 = 0 Then the solutions are: n = 10 or n = -9

What equation is 90 degrees right angle to the equation y equals 3x plus 5?

Any line with the equation of the form 3y = -x + c where c is any constant.

What is x to the 2nd power minus 9x plus 90?

A quadratic equation, if there's an equals stil to come... Otherwise it's just an expression.

How much does a 2x2 paver weigh?

90 Lb.

The sum of a number and one half of the number is fourtyfive write and equation to solve this problem?

X + X/2 = 45 so 3X/2 =45 3X=90 X=30

How do you solve the simultaneous equation 3x plus 9y equals 120 5x plus 5y equals 90?

3x + 9 y = 120 5x + 5y = 90 multiply first equation by 5 ( both sides) multiply second equation by 3 ( both sides) 15 x + 45 y = 600 15 x + 15 y = 270 subtract 30y = 330 divide by 30 y = 11 substiute y into first equation 3 x + 9 y = 120 3x + 99 = 120 3x = 21 x = 7

What is X if 2X squared plus 10 equals 100?

If 2x2 + 10 = 100 then: 2x2 = 100 -10 2x2 = 90 x2 = 90/2 x2 = 45 x = 6.708 (to 3 decimal places only)

When angles are complementary the sum of their measures is 90 degrees. Two complementary angles have measures of 2x - 10 degrees and 3x-10 degrees. Write an equation that models this situation?

2x-10+3x-10 = 90 degrees and the value of x works out as 22 degrees

What is -90 - 39x plus 3x squared factored?

3x2-39x-90 = (3x+6)(x-15) when factored

What two number add to make 27 but multiply to make 90?


What is 6x plus 5 equals 95-3x?

6x + 5 = 95 - 3x The main goal is to get "x" by itself. So you can first subtract 5 from both sides because whatever you do on one side of the equation, you do to the other side. 6x = 90 - 3x Next add 3x on both sides. 9x = 90 Last divide by 9 on both sides. x = 10

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