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Q: What is the approximate minimum stream velocity needed to keep a 6.4-cm-diameter particle in motion?
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What is the approximate minimum stream velocity needed to move a particle with a diameter of 25.6 centimeters?


What is the approximate minimum water velocity required for sand particles with a diameter of 0.1 mm to be picked up and moved?

10 centimeters/second

Has minimum inter particle attraction what is the state?


Is orbital velocity the velocity a rocket must reach to fly off into space?

No.Orbital Velocity is the velocity required by a body to achieve a circular orbit around its primary.Escape velocity is the minimum velocity needed to escape a gravitational field

What does the term 'escape velocity' mean?

Escape velocity is what a moving body has to achieve in order not to be pulled back down to the planet. For Earth it is about 7 miles per second.

Calculate the energy of a meteoric impact?

Energy = Mass * Velocity squared. It all depends on the mass and the velocity. The MINIMUM velocity of a meteoric impact is about 7 miles per second, the speed at which an item would fall from free space. Things coming in from the outer solar system could be going several times faster, and a particle falling from deep space could be going upwards of 50 miles per second.

At what ocean depth do sound waves reach their minimum velocity?

About 1000 meters

What would be the velocity of ball which is thrown by the man who running at the speed equal to the velocity of light?

As velocity never exceeds the velocity of light.... so i hope a man running with the velocity of light will not be able to throw a ball with any velocity.......... we may get the maximum n minimum velocity with which that can be thrown mathematically that we may get it to be zero................

What should the minimum velocity of water under gravity be?

0 m/s (no motion)

What is the minimum velocity required to project a body from a height h so that it will not fall back on earth?

if it was a continuous velocity then 10mps i guess because that is the terminal velocity when an object is dropped this is another person who answer actuallyn you are wrong terminal velocity is the maximum

What is the formula for resistive index renal?

The PI and the RI were calculated as:PI=(PSV-MDV)/MVandRI=(PSV-MDV)/PSVwhere PSV=peak systolic velocity, MDV=minimum diastolic velocity, and MV=mean velocity (time averaged velocity).

At what point in its trajectory does a batted baseball have its minimum speed?

Minimum speed occurs at the top, which is the same as the horizontal component of velocity anywhere along the path.