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Consistent equations are two or more equations that have the same solution.

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Q: What is the consistent equation in mathematics?
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What is meant by a consistent system especially in Mathematics?

In mathematics a system is said to be consistent if it does not contain proofs for statement P and the negation of P. It is, however, possible to have one consistent system where P is true and another consistent system where ~P is true.

A chemical equation that is consistent with the law of conservation of mass?

balanced equation

What is the name of a mathematics equation with two equations?

A simultaneous equation

How do you put equation in a sentence?

"Figure out this mathematical equation" "This is how to figure out an equation" "An equation is something widely used in mathematics."

What is another word for equation?

Another word for equation relating to mathematics is "expression".

What is the answer called in a math division equation?

In mathematics the answer in a division equation is called the quotient.

What is an Airy equation?

An Airy equation is an equation in mathematics, the simplest second-order linear differential equation with a turning point.

What is an equation that is true for every value of the variable?

legal equation * * * * * In mathematics, it is called an identity.

When will the system of linear equation be consistent?

When its matrix is non-singular.

Are Linear equation systems consistent or inconsistent?

It depends on the equations.

Is 6 plus 7 equals n an equation?

yes because every of mathematics is an equation

The difference between consistent and inconsistent in algebra?

Consistent means that the equation does not have the same slopes. Inconsistent means that it has the same slope.

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