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There is no value cot 0, because cot 0 is equivalent to 1 / tan 0, which is equivalent to 1 / 0, which is undefined.

That said, the limit of cot x as x approaches 0 is infinity.

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Q: What is the exact trigonometric function value of cot 0?
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What is the trigonometric function for cotA plus B plus C?

cot(A+B+C) is, itself, a trigonometric function, so the question does not really make any sense!

Choose the correct function value for cot 81.1?

cot 81.1°

What is the exact value of cot 15 half angle formula?

cot 15 = cot(45 - 30) = cot45.cot30 - 1 / cot45 + cot 30

What is the exact trigonometric function value of cot 15 degrees?

cot(15)=1/tan(15) Let us find tan(15) tan(15)=tan(45-30) tan(a-b) = (tan(a)-tan(b))/(1+tan(a)tan(b)) tan(45-30)= (tan(45)-tan(30))/(1+tan(45)tan(30)) substitute tan(45)=1 and tan(30)=1/√3 into the equation. tan(45-30) = (1- 1/√3) / (1+1/√3) =(√3-1)/(√3+1) The exact value of cot(15) is the reciprocal of the above which is: (√3+1) /(√3-1)

The function cot 115 degrees is equivalent to?

cot(115º) = -tan(25) or cot(115º) = -0.466308

Example of trigonometric functions?

There r 6 trignometric functions,namely sin a cos a tan a cosec a sec a cot a where a is the angle. Trigonometric functions didn't exist without angles.

What is the value of the six trigonometric functions of 90?

sin(90°) = 1 cos(90°) = 0 tan(90°) = ∞ sec(90°) = ∞ csc(90°) = 1 cot(90°) = 0

What is the value of tangent of 6?

tan6=cot(90-6) = cot 84

What is cot x sin x simplified?

To simplify such expressions, it helps to express all trigonometric functions in terms of sines and cosines. That is, convert tan, cot, sec or csc to their equivalent in terms of sin and cos.

How to solve trigonometry problems easily?

The most easiest method to solve trigonometric problems is to be place the values of the sin/cos/tan/cot/sec/cosec . The values will help to solve the trigonometric problems with less difficulty.

What is the exact value of cotangent 150 degrees?

Using the Circle Unit which is a chart used in precal and calc classes, you can see that angle 150 in radians is 5pi/6. Using this, the cot value is -Root3.

What is the value of Spring or Le Printemps by Pierre Auguste Cot?

May of the prints are valued in price close to $25 each. The exact will vary depending upon the condition of the print.

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