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sin(90°) = 1

cos(90°) = 0

tan(90°) = ∞

sec(90°) = ∞

csc(90°) = 1

cot(90°) = 0

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Q: What is the value of the six trigonometric functions of 90?
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How are the graphs of sec x and csc x related?

They are co-functions meaning that 90 - sec x = csc x.

Can you transform sine functions into cosine functions?

If you know the measure of one angle, and the length of one side of a triangle, you can find the measures of the other sides and angles. From there, you can find the values of the other trig functions. cos (x) = sin (90-x) in degrees there are other identities such as cos^2+sin^2=1, so cos^2=1-sin^2

How are sine and cosine and secant related?

Sine and cosine are cofunctions, which means that their angles are complementary. Consequently, sin (90° - x) = cos x. Secant is the reciprocal of cosine so that sec x = 1/(cos x). Knowing these properties of trigonometric functions, among others, will really help you in other advance math courses.

How do you use trigonometry?

Various trigonometric functions, such as sine or cosine, show the relationship between the lengths of sides of a triangle and the angles between those sides. So trigonometry is used to calculate angles, lengths and distances using right triangles. Right triangles are those that have one angle of exactly 90 degrees. Example: You want to find the height of a tree. Measure off a fixed distance from the tree and measure the angle between the ground and the line-of-sight to the top of the tree. The height of the tree = the distance to the tree times the tangent of the angle between the tree and the ground, ie tan(x).

What are the 6 trig functions for 0 degrees 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees?

sin(0) = 0, sin(90) = 1, sin(180) = 0, sin (270) = -1 cos(0) = 1, cos(90) = 0, cos(180) = -1, cos (270) = 0 tan(0) = 0, tan (180) = 0. cosec(90) = 1, cosec(270) = -1 sec(0) = 1, sec(180) = -1 cot(90)= 0, cot(270) = 0 The rest of them: tan(90), tan (270) cosec(0), cosec(180) sec(90), sec(270) cot(0), cot(180) are not defined since they entail division by zero.

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What trigonometric value is equal to cos 62?

The solution is found by applying the definition of complementary trig functions: Cos (&Theta) = sin (90°-&Theta) cos (62°) = sin (90°-62°) Therefore the solution is sin 28°.

How do you graph trigonometric functions with a degree in the parenthese?

Look on a unit circle graph and see what kind of pi it has. For example 90 degrees is pi/2

What are the functions of an acute angle of a right triangle?

Any function whose domain is between 0 and 90 (degrees) or between 0 and pi/2 (radians). For example, the positive square root, or 3 times the fourth power are possible functions. Then there are six basic trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangents, cosecant, secant and cotangent, and the hyperbolic functions: sinh, cosh, tanh etc. These, too, are not specific to acute angles of a right triangle but apply to any number.

How do you find trigonometric ratios of angles greater than 90 degrees?

subtract 90 from it and find the trig ratio of that and it will be equal to the trig ratio that is over 90 degrees

What is the absolute value of 90?

Absolute value of 90 is 90.

What number is the absolute value of -90?

Absolute value of -90 is 90.

What value 10b when b 9?

If b = 9 then the value of 10b is 90

If 36 is 90 of value what is the value?

40 x 90% = 36

What is the value of cosx at -90?

at -90 degrees the value of cos(x) is 0.

What is the value of 90 squared?

It is: 90 times 90 = 8100

What is the value of x in a 90 degree triangle with a hypotenuse of 30 and a 45 degree angle x is the opposite of the 45 degree angle us a trigonometric function?

Use and rearrange the sine ratio: 30*sin(45) = 21.21320344 units

What is the approximate value of 90?

Why an approximate value when you know the exact value is 90! To the nearest thousand, for example, it is 0.

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