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Distance = speed x time

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Q: What is the formula for calculating distance when speed and time are known?
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What is the formula ffor calculating speed?

Speed = (distance covered) divided by (time to cover the distance)

What is the formula for calculating speed....and What is the Unit?

Velocity= Distance/ Time Unit= m/s

What is the formula for calculating the CPU speed if the Bus speed is known?

I don't know look on google

What is the formula for time when speed and distance are known?

Time equals distance divided by speed.

What is formula calculating velocity?

Veloicty is distance divided by time, for a object moving in a given direction. If direction is not given, then it is speed.

What type of math formula should one use when calculating the distance between two cities?

Distance*speed divided by time

How do you find predicted speed?

Your question is not clear,if you are just predicting it then whats need of finding.The formula for calculating speed is distance/time

The two measurements necessary for calculating average speed are?

Distance covered (S) and the total time it took to cover that distance (T). Then the average speed V = S/T which is distance per time, known as speed.

What is the formula for finding time?

time=distance/speed(known as rate)

What is the formula for calculating time required for inductor transient response for build down for the magnetic flux?

Time taken =Distance/Speed

What is is the equation for calculating average speed?

Speed= distance over time. :)

How is speed measured?

Speed is measured by calculating the distance you have gone and how long it took you to get there. speed = distance over time