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It is the set of natural numbers.

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The natural numbers.

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Q: What is the intersection between rational numbers and natural numbers?
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What is a number that is a natural number and an irrational number?

Natural numbers are a part of rational numbers. All the natural numbers can be categorized in rational numbers like 1, 2,3 are also rational numbers.Irrational numbers are those numbers which are not rational and can be repeated as 0.3333333.

What is the intersection between rational numbers and irrational numbers?

The intersection between rational and irrational numbers is the empty set (Ø) since no rational number (x∈ℚ) is also an irrational number (x∉ℚ)

Is the intersection of the set of rational numbers and the set of whole numbers is the set of rational numbers?

No, it is not.

What are the difference between natural numbers and irrational numbers?

All natural numbers are rational numbers. No irrational numbers are natural numbers.

Are natural numbers the same of rational numbers?

The set of rational numbers includes the set of natural numbers but they are not the same. All natural numbers are rational, not all rational numbers are natural.

Which set is the intersection of real numbers and rational numbers?

The rational numbers, since it is a proper subset of the real numbers.

What is the intersection of the rational and irrational numbers?

There isn't any. If there were, then the intersection would consist of all the numbers that are both rational and irrational, and there aren't any of those.

What is the difference between a rational number and a natural number?

a rational number is different from a natural number because a rational number can be expressed as a fraction and natural numbers are just countinq numbers =D

Which set is the intersection of integers and rational numbers?

The integers.

Can some numbers be rational and irrational?

No. The intersection of the two sets is null. Irrational numbers are defined as real numbers that are NOT rational.

Rational numbers are sometimes natural numbers?

Yes. All natural numbers are rational numbers.

What is the relation between integers natural numbers whole numbers rational and irrational numbers?

Natural numbers = Whole numbers are a subset of integers (not intrgers!) which are a subset of rational numbers. Rational numbers and irrational number, together, comprise real numbers.