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Natural numbers are a part of rational numbers. All the natural numbers can be categorized in rational numbers like 1, 2,3 are also rational numbers.Irrational Numbers are those numbers which are not rational and can be repeated as 0.3333333.

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There can be no such number. Natural numbers are a subset of rational numbers and the intersection of rational and irrational number is a null set.

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Q: What is a number that is a natural number and an irrational number?
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Can every natural number be irrational?

No. No natural number can be irrational.

What number is both a natural number and irrational number?

No natural number is irrational.

Can an irrational number ever be a natural number?


Is the number 12 a natural number whole number integer rational number or an irrational number?

It is not an irrational number but is each of the others.

Is 328143. an irrational number?

No. 328143 is not an irrational number. It is a real, rational, whole, and natural number.

Is the number 4 irrational natural or integer?

It is a natural number and an integer.

Are irrational numbers prime?

A prime number is a natural number that has no natural number as a factor other than itself or 1. An irrational number is not a natural number, so an irrational number can't be prime.

Are irrational numbers natural number?


Is 3.5 a real number rational number irrational number integer whole number natural number?

3.5 is real, rational, and natural. It's not irrational, integer, or whole.

Is 3pi a rational irrational natural whole integer or real number?

Since pi is an irrational number, then 3pi will be an irrational also.

Is 25 real number rational number irrational number integer whole number natural number?

All of them except irrational number.

Is irrational number natural number?

Irrationl number is non-terminating and non-recurring. eg: pi, 2.435457645....... Natural number is a set of counting numbers, i.e., 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9........ Therefore natural numbers are terminating. So they are not irrational