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The inverse of the inverse is the original function, so that the product of the two functions is equivalent to the identity function on the appropriate domain.

The domain of a function is the range of the inverse function.

The range of a function is the domain of the inverse function.

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Q: What is the relationships between inverse functions?
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You can use rational functions to study the relationships of inverse variation?


Can you use rational functions to study the relationships of inverse variation?


Can you can use rational functions to study the relationships of inverse variation?


IS the rational function to study the relationships of inverse variation?

A study of inverse relationships is one of a very large number of uses for rational functions. Only a rational function of a very special kind will be of any use.

What are two types of mathematical relationships that exist between different variables?

Direct or inverse relationships,that is a problem

What are the similarities between linear relationships and quadratic relationships?

They are continuous, differentiable functions.

What is the relationship between squared and square root?

They are inverse functions of each other.

Why inverse is called Circular function?

An inverse is NOT called a circular function. Only inverse functions that are circular functions are called circular functions for obvious reasons.

What are the two types of inverse functions?

These are the for inverse operations:Multiplications inverse is divisionDivisions inverse is multiplicationAdditions inverse is subtractionSubtractions inverse is addition

Is inverse of a function always positive?

No.Some functions have no inverse.

What is the relationship between trigonometric functions and its inverse?

It is the same as that for any pair of inverse functions. Over the appropriate domains, each function does the opposite of the other so that the two cancel each other out.

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