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eigthy one plus a number

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Q: What is the verbal expression of 81 2x?
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How do you write 2x in verbal expression?

That is in verbal expression. x is the verbal, if you're trying to make it x times 2 in verbal expression it is as you wrote it 2x.

What is the verbal expression for 2x?


Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?

eight less than twice a number

How do you factor the equation y equals 4x2 - 36x plus 81?

The expression is likely 4x2 - 36x +81 which is the same as (2x - 9)(2x - 9) or (2x - 9)2

How do you change 9a into a verbal expression?

9a verbal expression

Factor 4x2 plus 81-36x?

4x2 - 36x + 81 = 4x2 - 18x - 18x +81 = 2x(2x - 9) - 9(2x - 9) = (2x - 9)2

How do you factor 4x squared minus 81?

(2x - 9)(2x +9)

What is 19-3 in a verbal expression?

19-3 in a verbal expression = 16

Factor 4xsquard 81-36x?

If that's + 81, the answer is (2x - 9)(2x - 9) or (2x - 9)2 If that's - 81, it gets ugly in a hurry.

How do you solve 3 to the power of negative 2x plus 2 equals 81?

3^(-2x + 2) = 81? log(3^(-2x + 2)) = log(81) (-2x+2)log(3) = log(81) -2x = log(81)/log(3) - 2 x = (-1/2)(log(81)/log(3)) + 1

Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The difference is that an algebraic expression has numbers, symbols and variables, but a verbal expression has only words.

How do you solve x2-81 equals 0?

2x - 81 = 0 Add 81 to both sides. 2x - 81 + 81 = 0 + 81 Substitute, -81 + 81 cancels out. 2x = 81 Divide by 2. x = 40.5 Above answer would be correct if your question was 2x but it was x2 so using the same method you would get x2 = 81 here the opposite of the square is the square root x = 9

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