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If you have the radius and the height in feet, you can calculate the volume as:V = pi x radius squared x height

(If you have the diameter of the cylinder, the radius is one-half the diameter.)

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The volume of a cylinder, in any measurement units, requires information about its radius (or equivalent) and height. With no information on these it is not possible to answer the question.

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Q: What is the volume of a cylinder in cu ft?
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What is the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 6 and a height of 5?

141.37 cu. ft.

How do you convert sq.ft. to cu.ft.?

You cannot convert sq. ft. into cu. ft. because, sq. ft. is the unit of area and the unit of volume. But if you know the cross sectional area of a cylinder in cu. ft. and its length (or height ) in ft. Then you can find its volume in cu. ft. by multiplying cross sectional area and the ;length (or height).

How tall is 18.2 cu ft?

cubic ft is volume not length

How many ft in 1.6 cu ft?

You can't do that. Cu Ft is volume and Ft is length - the units are not the same.

What is the volume of a cylinder 24 ft diameter and 6 inches high?

Volume = pi*r2*h = pi*242*0.5 cubic feet = 904.8 cu ft

How many cu ft is 7.2 kg?

There is no conversion. "Cu ft" is a volume measurement, "kg" is a mass measurement.

How many gallons of water in a cylinder 144 inches inch diameter?

you need to know height of water in cylinder to get volume which in cu ft is pi x 12 x 12 /4 x height, then multiply by 7.48 gallons per cu ft to get gallons

What imperial volume liquid in 1 cu ft?

1 cubic ft is an imperial volume measure.

What is the volume of a cylinder 2.5 ft x 30 ft?

The volume of a cylinder 2.5 ft x 30 ft is: 147 cubic feet.

What is the cubic foot capacity of the Maytag RTD 1900 AAW?

I have an RTD 1900D (I don't see an "AAW") and the door says it has a total volume of 18.6 cu ft, fresh food volume 12.8 cu ft and frozen food volume of 5.8 cu ft

What is the volume of a cylinder 7 feet long and radius 6 feet?

Volume = pi x r squared x height. 3.1416 x6x6x7=791.68 cu ft.

How many gallons of water will be required if the volume is 132000 cu ft?

132,000 cu ft = 822,206 Imperial gallons approx.

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