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Weight = {(3.1416 (0.025)^2) / 4 }* 7850 kg/m^3 * 1m = 3.85336 kg/.

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Q: What is the weight of 25 mm diameter reinforcing bar per meter?
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What is the weight of 6mm diameter steel bar per meter?


What is the diameter of a no 5 reinforcing bar?


How can get weight of round iron bar?

(Diameter x Diameter) x 0.00623 = Kilogram per Running Meter

What is the weight of 25mm diameter steel bar per meter?

Type your answer here... 3.85

What is the formula to calculate steel tmt bar weight per meter sow with example?

Formula for steel bar weight per meter = D2/162 where D is diameter of bar

What is the weight o ms round bar sof diameter varying from 8mm to 250 mm per meter length?

Weight of MS Round Bar is calculated as ((Diameter in mm)^2)/162.

What is extreme steel bar?

Extreme Steel bar is known as re-bar ( Reinforcing Bar), with two longitudinal and transverse ribs on the diameter of Bar.

How many is the weight of different diameter steel bar per meter?

DxD/162 this is the formula for finding unit weight of steel

What is the weight of 20mm diameter steel bar per meter?

=D^((D^2/162) L) D^2 = Diameter of the rod L = Length of the rod

What is the weight of steel bars per foot?

For Mild Steel Bars: Diameter (in inches): 1/4" Weight per foot: 0.167 lb/ft Diameter (in inches): 3/8" Weight per foot: 0.376 lb/ft Diameter (in inches): 1/2" Weight per foot: 0.668 lb/ft Diameter (in inches): 5/8" Weight per foot: 1.043 lb/ft Diameter (in inches): 3/4" Weight per foot: 1.502 lb/ft Diameter (in inches): 1" Weight per foot: 2.670 lb/ft For High-Strength Deformed (HSD) Steel Bars (commonly used in construction): Diameter (in millimeters): 8 mm Weight per meter: 0.395 kg/m Diameter (in millimeters): 10 mm Weight per meter: 0.617 kg/m Diameter (in millimeters): 12 mm Weight per meter: 0.888 kg/m Diameter (in millimeters): 16 mm Weight per meter: 1.579 kg/m Diameter (in millimeters): 20 mm Weight per meter: 2.467 kg/m Diameter (in millimeters): 25 mm Weight per meter: 3.853 kg/m

What is the unite weight of steel bars?

unit wt of reinforcement bar can be obtained in kg/ meter by d*d/162.162 where d is the dia of bar The formula is based on the density of rebar 490 lb/cft

What is the per meter weight of a 10mm deformed bar?