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x2 - 12x + 35

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Q: What quadratic equation has solutions of 5 and 7?
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Is 2x2 plus 7 equals 79 linear or quadratic?

It is a quadratic equation that has 2 solutions

Solve this quadratic equation using the quadratic formula 2x2 - 10x plus 7 equals 0?

2x2-10+7 = 0 Solving the quadratic equation using the quadratic formula will give you two solutions and they are: x = (5 - the square root of 11)/2 or x = (5 + the square root of 11)/2

How many solutions are there in the quadratic equation x2 - 4x - 77 equals 0?

There are two solutions for x: x=11 and x=-7

What is the solution to the quadratic equation x2 plus 10x plus 25 equals 7?

Using the quadratic equation formula: x = -5-/+ the square root of 7

Write a quadratic equation with these numbers -7 and -4 as solutions?


What are the solutions to this equation 9x2 plus 6x-7 equals 0?

9x2+6x-7 = 0 Using the quadratic equation formula:- x = 0.6094757082 or x = -1.276142375

Choose the quadratic equation with a leading coefficient of 1 that has as solutions -4 and 7?


How do you solve S squared plus 4s minus 21 equals to 0?

s^2 +4x -21 = 0 is a quadratic equation and by using the quadratic equation formula its solutions are s = 3 or s = -7

What are some hard math equations that equals 7?

How about finding the solutions of the quadratic equation: x^2-14x+49 = 0

Solve by completing square 2xยฒ - 6x plus 7 equals 0?

This quadratic equation has no solutions because the discriminant is less than zero.

Is 5 a solution to 4x plus 7?

4x + 7 is an expression, not an equation. Only an equation (or an inequality) can have solutions, an expression cannot have a solution.

What is the discriminant of the polynomial below x2 plus 5x plus 7?

52-4*7*1 = -3 The discriminant is less than zero so the quadratic equation will have no solutions.

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