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Derivative of a constantThe derivative of any constant is zero. This can be easily conceptualized if you think of the graph of any constant value.

The derivative can be thought of as the slope of the line tangent to a curve at any given point. If you graph the expression y = 3, for example, it is just a horizontal line intercepting the y axis at 3. The slope of that line is, of course, equal to zero, for any point on the curve (which in this case is a straight line). Therefore, the derivative (with respect to x) of y = 3 is zero. Since the slope of any horizontal line is zero, the derivative of any line of the form y = k, where k is a constant, is zero.


Any constant quantity and an expression that has a maximum or minimum or both, has a derivative equal to zero.

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Q: What quantity or expression has a derivative equal to zero?
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What is the derivative of square root of 3?

The derivative of ANY constant expression - one that doesn't depend on variables - is zero.

What is the derivative of 4 square root 2?

The derivative of any constant - any expression that does not involve the independent variable - is zero.

What causes numerator of a expression to equal zero?

When the numerator of any expression or fraction is zero then the result is zero because zero divided by any number is always equal to zero.

Where the graph of a function equals the value zero?

you have to first find the derivative of the original function. You then make the derivative equal to zero and solve for x.

How can you know that a value is the minimum of a function?

When the first derivative of the function is equal to zero and the second derivative is positive.

What is the derivative of 40?

The derivative of 40 is zero. The derivative of any constant is zero.

What is a nonzero number?

A quantity which does not equal zero is said to be nonzero.

What is the continuity in mathematics?

Continuity in mathematics is the first derivative equal to zero or the Boundary condition.

What is a nonzero whole number?

A nonzero whole number is a quantity which does not equal zero and number without fractions.

How do you set the denominator equal to zero?

You do not. If you do, the expression is undefined: it has no value.

What can the denominator of a rational expression never equal?

It cannot be zero.

What is the derivative of 4pi?

zero. In this problem, since there is no variable, the derivative is zero.

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