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The pages of a book are numbered from 1 to 128. How many page numbers contain the digit 6?

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Q: When The pages of a book are numbered from 1 to 128 How many page numbers contain the digit 6?
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When 151 digits are used to number a book how many pages are there?

First 9 pages = 9 digit. That leaves 142 digits. @ 2 digit per page, that is 142/2 = 71 pages with 2-digit numbers. So, 9 pages with 1-digit numbers + 71 pages with 2-digit numbers = 80 pages.

How many digits are used for printing the page numbers of abook that has 215 pages?

If all pages are numbered (usually page 1 is not numbered) then 537.

Carlin wrote a 447 page book on the history of mathematics. She numbered the pages by hand beginning with page 1. How many total digits did she write when numbering the pages?

Answer1 x 9 (number of 1 digit numbers) plus 2 x 89 (number of 2 digit numbers) plus 3(number of 3 digit numbers) x 347 = 1228 The correct answer is 1323. Here is how you do it.1 digit numbers = 92 digit numbers = 90 (99-9) number of 2 digit numbers - number of 1 digit numbers3 digit numbers = 378 (477-99) number of 3 digit numbers - number of 1 & 2 digit numbersSo, the solution is:1x9 = 92x90 = 1803x378 = 11349+180+378 = 1323

Do books have even numbered pages on right or left?

even numbers are on left

How many odd numbered pages in 356 pages?

178 odd numbered pages in 356 pages.

When numbering the pages of a book 624 digits were used find the number of pages in the book?

This problem can be solved by applying the counting principle to digits in consecutive page numbers. To begin, we need to separate numbers into their numbers of digits in order to multiply the page numbers to find the number of digits needed to express them. Assuming that your book begins on page 1, there are 9 page numbers having one digit only (counting principle: 9 - 1 + 1 = 9). Since each of these pages is numbered with one digit, the number of digits used is 9 so far. Continue with the pages each numbered with two digits. These are pages 10-99, comprising 90 pages (99 - 10 + 1 = 90). Every page number multiplied by 2 digits each is 180. With the 9 digits coming from single-digit pages, the number of digits used so far is now 189. We can continue in the same manner for pages expressed with three digits, 100-999, but having 435 (624 total - 189 so far = 435) digits left, we probably won't be able to get through all the three-digit numbers. Also, a book is likely to have under a thousand pages. To find out how many pages are left, we divide the number of digits left by the number of digits needed for each page: 435/3 = 145 pages left. Since 145 pages only account for the pages numbered with three digits each, we need to add pages numbered with one and two digits each in order to find the total number of pages. Before 145 pages began to be accounted for, we had accounted for the digits of 99 pages (each numbered using one or two digits each), so the total number of pages is 99 + 145 = 244.

If the pages of a certain book are all numbered in order from 1 through 246 how many digits altogether are used?

Well, the simplest way to do this is to break the page numbers down into groups. Numbers 1-9 have 1 digit. Numbers 10-99 have 2. Numbers 100-246 have 3. Thus we have 9 one-digit numbers, 90 two-digit numbers, and 147 three-digit numbers. Therefore: (9)(1) + (90)(2) + (147)(3) = 630 digits.

Why are there even numbered pages in a book?

Because they also have odd numbered pages.

What are odd pages?

The odd pages are just the pages that don't have even numbers... every other one. So, pages 2 and 4 are even, and pages 3 and 5 would be odd pages, because they are numbered with odd numbers. :) You could also say that pages are odd if there is something odd about them, for instance size or printer errors. But in general when someone says "odd pages" they will mean the odd numbered ones.

Do books have even numbered pages on right or left side?

Even pages are on the left; odd numbered pages on the right.

What is the term for pages that appear as a two-page spread with odd-numbered right pages and even-numbered left pages?

This is called Facing pages in Microsoft Word.

The number of odd-numbered pages in a book of 365 pages is?

183 odd pages.

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