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Q: When working with exponents how do you write 4x4x4x4x4 as a power of 4?
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Write 4x4x4x4x4 as a power of 4?

4 to the power of 5

How do you write 10000 in exponents?

10x10x10x10= 10,000=10 to the 4 power

What is it called when you write numbers using values and exponents?

Base, power, answer

Can you write 1 in exponents?

Sure.1 = 1raised to any power including zero

What are ways to write the number 81 in exponents?

two ways are 9 to the power of 2 and another one is 3 to the power of 4 exponents are when you do x and use powers here is one 5x5x5x5 is 5 to the power of 4

How do you write numbers as powers?

You give them exponents. For example 5 becomes a power when it is 5 to the 3rd power (5^3).

How do you write 1 64 using negative exponents?

Such that 64 is equal to 26, or two to the power six, 1/64 is equal to 2-6, or two to the power minus six.

How do you write Exponents in Standard Form?

you multiply for example 2to the 5th power =2x2x2x2x2Writing exponents in standard form is simple and easy to do. For every exponent you have to put a zero.

How would you write the cubed root of 7 using fractional exponents?

7 to the 1/3 power

The prime factorization of 70 using exponents?

When I use ^ that means to raise it up as an exponent.70=2x5x7The only exponents are to the first power and we usually don't write those.

How do you write 8x8x8x8x8x8 using exponents?

It is equivalent to: 86 in exponents

What is 10000000000 to the hundredth power?

To calculate this, write the number as a power of ten, and use the fact that when you raise a power to a power, you simply multiply the exponents. (10^10)100 = 10^20