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Because you simply set it up in a proportion box, for example if you have the fraction 4/8 you put the 4 on top of the 8 and 100 next to the 8 because with percents you always use 100. then solve,

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Q: Why can you solve percent problems as a proportion problem?
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What number is always used when you use a proportion to solve a percent problem?


How can you use a proportion to solve a percent question?

A percent is simply a proportion out of 100.

How do you work out percent problems?

Hit the "e" key before the "r" key when typing percent. That should solve the problem.

How do you find the percent proportion?

A simple tool to remember is: IS over OF equals percent over 100.If we put this into a proportion, we get:IS/OF = percent/100.Just put all percent problems into this format, and solve the proportion.Example: 12.5 IS what percent OF 75?Or,12.5 IS | what percent | OF 75?Just put these numbers into the proportion: (We will use x for the percent, as that is the unknown we are solving for)12.5/75 = x/100.Then solve by cross multiplying:75x = 1250.Then divide by 75:x = 1250/75,x = 16 2/3 %

How can you solve problems involving percents?

That would depend on the specific problem. The "rule of three" (i.e., solving proportions) can help for many standard problems; i.e., you consider a proportion, where the percentage has a denominator of 100. Here are some examples:1) What's 17% of 2000? The proportion to solve is: 17/100 = x/2000 2) 500 is what percentage of 2000? The proportion to solve is: x/100 = 500/2000 3) 500 is 10% of what number? The proportion to solve is: 500/x = 10/100

Write a proportion that can be used to find the part if you know the base and the percent. Then solve the proportion.?

Part = Base*Percent/100Proportion = Part/Base = (Base*Percent/100)*Base = Percent/100.

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72 To solve, set up 63/x=.875 and solve for x.

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How are equations used to solve real word problems?

Set up a proportion equation.

What is a proportion and how are they written and how do you solve them?

they are mathmatical problem u mulitlpy nd then add then subtract

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It really depends on the problem

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