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In its normal form, you do not solve differential equation for x, but for a function of x, usually denoted by y = f(x).

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Q: Why you solve a differential equation for x?
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How do you solve a differential equation for x?

Another method to solve differential equation is taking y and dy terms on one side, and x and dy terms on other side, then integrating on both sides.This is a general solution. So if we want to particular solution we choose initial conditions.

How do solve for differential equation?

There are many kinds of differential equations and their solutions require different methods.

What is Exact ordinary differential equation?

exact differential equation, is a type of differential equation that can be solved directly with out the use of any other special techniques in the subject. A first order differential equation is called exact differential equation ,if it is the result of a simple differentiation. A exact differential equation the general form P(x,y) y'+Q(x,y)=0Differential equation is a mathematical equation. These equation have some fractions and variables with its derivatives.

Solve the equation for x and enter your answer in the box below?

Solve the equation for x, and enter your answer in the box below.

How do you solve differential equations?

I assume that you mean that you are given a differential equation dy/dx and want to solve it. If that is the case, then you would multiply by dx on both sides and then integrate both the left and right sides of the equation.

What is differential equation in mathematics?

An equation in terms of functions and its nth-order derivatives. For example, dy/dx = x^2 + y is a differential equation.

What are the methods to solve non exact differential equation?

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How do you solve for x in geometry?

It depends on the equation that you're trying to solve.

How do you solve 0.35 x 2.5?

There is no equation to solve, only an expression.

Do you solve x first in an algebra equation?

You need not have x in an algebraic equation. You solve whichever one is the easiest and that depends on the set of equations that you have.

What is the quadratic formula cannot be used to solve an equation if the coefficient of the equation x square term is?

The quadratic formula cannot be used to solve an equation if the coefficient of the equation x square term is what?

What does x equal in the equation x plus 5 equals negative 13?

Set up the equation and solve: x + 5 = -13 (next subtract 5 from each side of the equation to solve for x) x = -18

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