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Q: Would a square be a parrallelogram?
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Is a square a parrallelogram?

It is a special kind of parallelogram.

What are all the names for a square?

Parrallelogram, quadrilateral, square... PLEASE ADD

Is every parrallelogram a square?

No, but every square is a special kind of parallelogram.

Rectangles and squares?

A square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a parallelogram and a parrallelogram.

Can a shape be a square and a parrallelogram and rhombus?

Yes, but only if it is a square. A square is an equiangular rhombus, and a rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram.

What are the six major special quadrilaterals?

There is a Kite,Trapeziod Parrallelogram,Rhombus,Square, Rectangle

What parrallelogram has all congruent sides and angles?

A parallelogram which has all congruent sides and angles is a square.

What is the area of a parrallelogram if the base is 8 feet and the height is 3 ft?

24 square feet.

Find the area of a parrallelogram with a height of 5 units and a base of 10 units?

It is: 5*10 = 50 square units

Having 4 sides and 4 angles?

this is a quadrilateral. for further examples, see below square rectangle trapezoid rhombus parrallelogram

Does a parallelogram got 4 right angles?

no a parrallelogram looks like this __________ / / / / /_________/ However a rectangle or a square can have 4 right angles as it is also a parallelogram

What shapes can you make out of two triangles?

You can make a square, a rhombus, a parrallelogram, a kite, a rectangle, and a trapezoid. If you were to make all these shapes out of two triangles, you would have to have different sized triangles for most of them. If you put the bottoms of both of them together, it will make a diamond shape. But they would have to be the same size.