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Historical events which have occurred have a probability of 1. They are a certainty. This refers to the event itself, not some historian's or politician's interpretation of what happened. However, the probability that they will occur again depends on the event. Exact recurrence is impossible (probability = 0).

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Q: Are the historical events which have occurred extremely unlikely and what history has a higher probability of occurring?
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The probability of event A occurring given event B has occurred is an example of?

The probability of event A occurring given event B has occurred is an example of conditional probability.

What is a probability based upon an event that has already occurred?

The probability based on an event that has already occurred is 100%. If the event has occurred, it has occurred.

Is pentecost important?

It is important due to the historical event occurring on that day; but most important is that Christians receive the Holy Ghost, as occurred on the day of Pentecost.

Is synthesis occurred or is it occurring?

in chemistry

What is probability explain conditional probability?

Probability is the chance of an event occurring. For example when flipping a coin you have a 50% chance that it will land on heads and a 50% chance that it will land on tails since there are only two possibilities.Conditional probability refers to when one event is dependent on another event occurring. It can also be written as the probability of an event B occurring after event A has already occurred. The notation for conditional probability is P(B|A). (Note: this does not mean B divided by A but probability of B after A)When two events are dependent, the probability of them both occurring is:P(A and B)=P(A)P(B|A)So for example: 53% of residents have home owners insurance. Of them, 27% has auto-insurance. If a resident is selected at random, what is the probability they with have both insurances?Let H stand for home owners insurance = 53% or 0.53Let A stand for auto insurance = 27% or 0.27P(H and P)=P(H)P(A/H)=(0.53)(0.27)= 0.1431So the probability of residents have both home owners and auto insurance is 0.1431 or 14.31%

What are the chances of life occurring in the universe?

The chances (the probability) of life occurring in the universe is 1. We are alive, therefore life has occurred in the universe. There is also a 99.999999999% certainty that life exists elsewhere in the universe, because there are roughly dozens of planets in billions of solar systems in billions of galaxies.

What does 'The present is the key to the past' mean?

This odd-sounding dictum is a summary of Scottish geologist Charles Lyell's idea of uniformatarianism, the idea that geologic processes that are currently occurring are the same processes that occurred in the past. In short, the historical and observable geologic events that are occurring are the 'key' to unlocking the history of the geologic events that have occurred and were recorded in the rock record.

A probability based upon an event that has already occurred?

May - or may not - be a conditional probability. A conditional probability is not becessarily chronologically structured.

What is a probability based on an event that has already occurred?

100% it already happened

Can be read as the probability that A occurs given that B has occurred?

Pr(A | B)

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important historical event that occurred during his term /john f. kennedy.