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This question cannot be answered because the phrase "government subsidized" is too broad. We could answer either "none" or "all of the farmland" and both answers would be correct depending on individual interpretation of the original question. Please specify which government program(s) (CRP, CSP, ACRE, etc.) you wish information for, and possibly we can answer that.

For example, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) currently has over eight million acres enrolled.

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Q: How many acres of government subsidized farm land is there in the US?
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How many farmers can farm two acres of land?

Often one farmer can farm way more than 2 acres of land. Most farmers can farm over 400 acres of land by themselves using the proper machinery.

How many acres is necessary for land to be considered a 'farm' in Texas?

There is no minimum number of acres necessary for land to be considered a farm in Texas. The important this is the function and nature of the land.

How many acres are necessary for land to be considered a 'farm' in Missouri?

In Missouri, land needs to be at least 5 acres to be considered a farm for property tax purposes.

How many acres of land to be considered a 'farm' in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a tract of land must be at least five acres and used for agricultural purposes to be considered a farm.

What state has the most acres in farm land?


The land of a farm is called?

The land of a farm is called a "field" or "acreage". It is where crops are grown or animals are raised for agricultural purposes.

Are there any farms in the US?

There were 2.2 million acres of farm land in 2007, with an average size of 418 acres per farm.

How many acres in Texas are farm land?

As of 2020, there were approximately 127.4 million acres of farm land in Texas. Texas has a large agricultural sector, producing a variety of crops and livestock.

How much land is needed for a wind farm?

For production = 20 acres For profit = 200 acres

How many acres of land are needed to be a farm in Indiana?


How much land does the average farm in California have?

40 acres

How many acres of land is necessary in Mississippi to be considered a farm?

Mississippi comprises 30,020,454.4 acres (land area).