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section or quarter of cartesian grid system
the four regions into which the plane is divide by a rectangular coordinate system.

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Q: What is a quadrant in math?
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What is a quadrant in math terms?

The quadrant is the one of the four quaters of a circle. It is the math term for a 1/4 of a circle.

What does quadrants mean in math terms?

Quadrant means,something

How do you find out which quadrant an interval defines?

depends on the branch of math, and the math function/relation you are talking about

What is meant by the term quadrant?

The term quadrant means different things in different subjects. For example, in math a quadrant is known as one of the four sections of a coordinate plane.

Math words that start with a q?

Quotient Quadrilateral Quadratic Quadrant

What is the sign of the cordinates each quadrant?

Quadrant I : (+, +) Quadrant II : (-, +) Quadrant III : (-, -) Quadrant IV : (+, -)

What does quadrant mean in math terms?

Quadrants are used cordinate planes the top right quarter of the plane is quadrant 1 the top left quarter is quadrant 2 the bottom right quarter is quadrant 3 and the bottom left quarter is the quadrant 4 hope that helps im in sixth grade so im not sure if these are the type of quadrants you're looking for but overall good luck

What is a Q1 in math?

In math, Q1 refers to the first quadrant of a graph (which has a total of four quadrants), or the quadrant in the upper right hand corner. It contains both positive x and y values. This is especially useful in trigonometry when visualizing the sin(x) cos(x) and tan(x) functions.

What does quadrant mean in numbers?

haha your looking this up are you stupied or sumthin look in your math book and pay attention in school =]

What are the four quadrants of a cartesian graph?

Quadrant I ( + , + ) Quadrant II ( - , + ) Quadrant III ( - , - ) Quadrant IV ( + , - )

What are the regions on the coordinate plane called?

Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 Quadrant 2 Quadrant 1

In which quadrant will the value of x be negative?

The value of x will be negative in the bottom left quadrant (quadrant 3) and the top left quadrant (quadrant 2).

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