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hex is like six and a hexagon has six sides thus the name hexagon

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Q: How do you remember that a hexagon is a hexagon?
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How many hexagon side have?

There are 6 sides in a hexagon. An easy way to remember is that six and hexagon both have the letter 'x' in them.

How many edges does hexagon have?

6 A hexagon has six sides. Think of it this way "hex" sounds like "six".. sort of. That's how I remember it.

How many edges does a hexagon have?

A hexagon has 6 edges.It has 6 sides 6

How many sides have an hexagon?

6 because remember hex and six it always works

How many corners does a hexagon?

6. Here is a hint... Hex. Remember that six has an x in it. And hex has 6 sides.

Why is an hexagon an hexagon?

When referring to it as a hexagon is not a faux pas.

How sides does a hexagon have?

a hexagon has 6 sidesAn hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

What is the name of a shape with 6 side?


Hexagon with no symetry?

A hexagon without symmetry is the most common form for a hexagon.

How many edges does a hexagon havedoes a hexagon have?

An hexagon is a polygon that has 6 sides.

What is the deffinition of a hexagon?

hexagon is a shape with six sides that's why its called a hexagon

What has 6 side?

Simple; It's the Hexagon (Hexa=6)