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1m = 100cm. So, 200m = 200x100cm = 20,000cm. 1cm in the map representing 200m on the ground will be 1:20,000 in ratio.

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Q: 1cm on the map represents 200m on the ground-express it as a ratio?
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What is the scale ratio of 1cm to 10m?

1 cm to 200m us the same as 1:

What distance does 1cm represent on a map with a map ratio 1 10 000?

1:10,000 represents a scale of 1cm to every 10,000cm. 10,000 centimetres is equal to one metre.

What is the ratio of 28cm to 4cm?

The ratio is: 7cm to 1cm

What is 10mm to 2m in ratio?

10mm equalls 1cm and 2m equalls 200cm. The ratio is 1:200.

What is the unit of absorbance?


What is the ratio of volume to surface area of a cube with the dimesion 1cm x 1cm x 1cm?

It doesn't matter what the unit of measurement is, or what size the cube is. If the length of the side of the cube is 'S' units, then the volume is S3 and the surface area is 6S2. The ratio of volume to surface area is (S3/6S2) = S/6 units. For this one, the ratio is 1/6 cm.

Why should ratio be written in the same unit?

Because the ratio would;t be correct. Look at this example. What is the ratio of 1cm to 1 metre? If you went by these measurements you would get 1:1 which means 1cm is the same as 1 metre., which is false. The correct answer means comparing 1cm with 100cm (or 1 metre) which is 1:100. So it's really important with ratios that the units are the same.

What are the scales found on maps?

The scale represents the ratio of length in the map to length of the real world so for example 1:175,000 means 1cm on the map represents 175,000 cm or 1.7 km (~ 1 mile) in real life. 1:10,000 would represent a relatively small area where 1 cm would represent 10,000cm or 100m on the ground. Likewise, 1:1,000,000 would be a larger area where 1cm of map represents 1,000,000 cm or 10 km on the ground.

What is the length on a map that represents 80m when the scale is 1cm to 5m?

16cm 80/5 = 16

What is the scale ratio of 1cm equals 50km?

(50 km) x (1,000 m/km) x (100 cm/m) = 5,000,000So [ 1cm=50km ] is a scale of 1 to 5 million.

If a cell's surface area is 6cm3 and its volume is 1cm then what is its ratio of surface are to volume?


If a cell's surface area is 6cm cubed and its surface area is 1cm cubed then what is the ratio of surface area to volume?

oh dear If a cell's surface area is 6 SQUARE cms and its VOLUME is 1cm cubed then the ratio of surface area to volume is 6:1