What can you use to make lines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a ruler, a paper anything straight.

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Q: What can you use to make lines?
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How did iriquios get food?

they use spears and lines to make fishing poles

How do you draw square with 6 lines?

Use four to make a normal square and put two lines on top of another

What kind of line makes use of rounded angles?

Right angles are formed by perpendicular lines. If the lines would extend, to make two intersecting lines.

How do you make a physical map?

to use dots to locate the capitol cites use river lines to help show what or were the river is at

How do you make the square with four lines answer with picture?

This site doesn't let you use pictures, but I assume you just connect all four lines, since a square has four lines...

If i don't have 220 service in my house can i use 2 110 lines to make 220?


How many shapes make up the iris in a drawing?

You would use lines and ovals.

How do you obtain horizontal lines and vertical lines?

write a mistake then use the white side of an ink eraser to rub it out then use the blue side to write over it. NOTE:IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE YOU WILL HAVE TO RUB IT OUT!!

Do diagonal lines make you look fat or skinny?

straight lines make you look skinny. horozontal lines make you look fat and diagonal lines make you look lopsided!!

How do newspapers use parallel lines?

How Do Newspapers Use Parallel Lines?

How are perpendicular lines and intersecting lines alike and different?

they both have lines crossing each other which make angles. perpendicular lines make right angles while intersecting lines make other kinds

What lines make the earths grid?

Lines of latitude and the lines of longitude.