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one half yard?

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18 inches

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Q: How big is a one half yard of fabric?
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How much is a fat quarter in a fabric?

Dedicated quilting fabrics are made to a width of 44 inches and generally fabric is bought in lengths of (or multiples of) a yard. A "fat quarter" is a piece of fabric which measures 18 inches by 22 inches, that is, a yard of fabric cut in half both widthways and lengthways to give four quarters of 18"x22" each.

How do you calculate yards of fabric needed for 22 x 23?

One yard of fabric is 36" long, and varies in width. If you have 45" wide fabric, you need 22" of fabric (less than one yard). The fabric store can help you with that.

If a yard stick broke in half and one half was fifty four centimeters how big was the other half?

Yard sticks are about 100 cm. 100-54=46. 46cm. Or precisely: A yard = 91.44 centimeters so 91.44 - 54 = 37.44

How many feet does one half yard equal and why?

One half yard equals one and one half feet because there are three feet in one yard, so half of three feet is one and one half feet.

What part of a yard is one in s half feet?

A yard is equal to three feet, so one and a half feet would be half a yard.

How many feet is a yard of fabric?

1 yard = 3 feet. It doesn't matter what it's a foot or yard of (fabric, rope, etc.) because one yard of anything will always be the same as three feet of anything.

What is the cost per yard for a Coca Cola fabric?

You can expect to pay around $26 a yard for fabric featuring Coca Cola emblems, logos, bottles, and glasses. Fabric's commercial website has one design that they list for $4.98 per yard.

Half a yard is how many feet?

A yard is three feet, so half a yard would be one and a half feet.

How many square feet in a yard of fabric?

Nine square feet in one square yard of fabric. So it's 3 sq ft per foot width.

How many yards in 4 and one half feet?

1 and 1 half 3 one yard then the 1 and one half feet is one half of a yard so 1 and 1 half feet.

What part of a yard is half feet?

Half a foot (6 inches) is one-sixth of a yard.

How many ft are in half a yard?

There are 1.5 feet in half a yard. To convert yards to feet, you can multiply the number of yards by 3 (since 1 yard is equal to 3 feet).