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At 30mph you are doing a mile every 2 minutes thereore to do 5.5 miles would take 11 minutes

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Q: How long would it take to travel 5 and a half miles when driving at 30mph?
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How far would you travel if you travelled for 12 hours at 30mph?

360 miles

If you travel 30mph how many miles would you have traveled if it took you 24 mins?


How long would it take to travel 10 miles by car at 30mph?

20 minutes !

How long would It take a resident orca to travel 189 miles?

A Resident Orca can travel between 8mph and 30mph but can only travel at fast speeds for a short period of time. On average, it would take a Resident Orca 2.5 days to travel 189 miles at a rate of 75 miles per day.

What is 8 miles Driving?

It depends on the speed you are driving. At 50 miles per hour, you would travel 8 miles in 6.25 minutes.

How long would it take to travel 2304 miles driving at 50 miles per hour?

46hours 4minutes 48seconds of actual driving time.

How many miles is fifteen hours and fifty minutes?

It depends what speed you are going at... say if you were going at 60 miles an hour, you would travel 950 miles. However if you were doing 30mph you would travel 475 miles. Remember to work out the distance you do the speed times the time it takes. Or if you want to work out the speed you do the distance divided by the time. Hope this helps! From Italic97

How long would it take you to travel 550 miles if you were driving 50 miles per hour?

If the speed is constant, it will take 11 hours.

If your driving at 75 miles per hour how long would it take to travel 650 miles?

Type your answer here... 8 hr,40 min

How many seconds would it take to travel 200 feet driving at 25 miles per hour?

It would take 5.45 seconds.

Driving miles from Mexico City to Boston?

Both cities are 3,670 kilometers (2,280 miles) apart from each other, on a straight line. By driving such distance, you would have to travel over 4,610 kilometers (2,865 miles) of roads and highways.

How long would it take to travel 329 miles?

It depend on the road and traffic conditions as well as your driving style/ speed