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A "myrillion" is not an actual number, just a made-up name.

In any case, for any number, there are always larger numbers. For example, if you add one to a million, you get a number that is larger than a million. If you choose to define a "myrillion" to be a 1 with so-and-so many zeroes, just add one to it, or add an additional zero, and you get a number that is even larger.

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โˆ™ 2012-08-19 00:22:08
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โˆ™ 2020-08-30 17:25:43
Umm...myrillion is a real number, look things up. It is 30,003 zeroes.ย 
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โˆ™ 2021-10-27 00:48:46
Cool. I don't understand a thing! :D
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โˆ™ 2020-12-25 01:06:43

Metriacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{93}+3})

Duetriacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{96}+3})

Triotriacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{99}+3})

Tetretriacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{102}+3})

Pentetriacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{105}+3})


Metetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{123}+3})

Duetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{126}+3})

Triotetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{129}+3})

Tetretetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{132}+3})

Pentetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{135}+3})

Hexetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{138}+3})

Heptetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{141}+3})

Octetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{144}+3})

Ennetetracontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{147}+3})

Pentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{150}+3})

Mepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{153}+3})

Duepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{156}+3})

Triopentacontillion,(10^{3\times 10^{159}+3})

Tetrepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{162}+3})

Pentepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{165}+3})

Hexepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{168}+3})

Heptepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{171}+3})

Octepentacontillion (Vittillion), (10^{3\times 10^{174}+3})

Ennepentacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{177}+3})

Hexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{180}+3})

Mehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{183}+3})

Duehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{186}+3})

Triohexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{189}+3})

Tetrehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{192}+3})

Pentehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{195}+3})

Hexehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{198}+3})

Gargoogolplex, 10^10^200

Heptehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{201}+3})

Octehexacontillion, hexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{204}+3})

Ennehexacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{207}+3})

Heptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{210}+3})

Meheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{213}+3}) (Septuagintillionth illion)

Dueheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{216}+3})

Trioheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{219}+3})

Tetreheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{222}+3})

Penteheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{225}+3})

Hexeheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{228}+3})

Hepteheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{231}+3})

Octeheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{234}+3})

Enneheptacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{237}+3})

Octacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{240}+3})

Meoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{243}+3})

Dueoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{246}+3})

Triooctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{249}+3})

Tetreoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{252}+3})

Penteoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{255}+3})

Hexeoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{258}+3})

Hepteoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{261}+3})

Octeoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{264}+3})

Enneoctacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{267}+3})

Ennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{270}+3})

Meennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{273}+3})

Dueennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{276}+3})

Trioennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{279}+3})

Tetreennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{282}+3})

Penteennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{285}+3})

Hexeennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{288}+3})

Hepteennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{291}+3})

Octeennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{294}+3})

Enneennacontillion, (10^{3\times 10^{297}+3})

Hectillion, (10^{3\times 10^{300}+3})

Mehectillion, (10^{3\times 10^{303}+3}) Centillionth -illion

Duehectillion, (10^{3\times 10^{306}+3})

Triohectillion, (10^{3\times 10^{309}+3})

Tetrehectillion, (10^{3\times 10^{312}+3})

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Gary Yuan

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โˆ™ 2021-10-04 08:51:16

Myrillion is 10^30003, but I can just dwarf it by doing:



The out put is B

Thats bigger.

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Q: Are there numbers bigger than myrillion?
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