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Q: Can a decimal be a prime number?
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Related questions

Can a prime number be a decimal number also?

Of course. 7 is a decimal number.

If a denominator is a prime number is the decimal repeating?

No. 2 is a prime but 1/2 is not a repeating decimal.

Is 5.6 a prime number?

5.6 is a decimal number and is neither prime nor composite.

Is 20.145 a prime number?

No, because it has decimal numbers.

Is 99.9 a prime number?

A prime number is when: The only numbers that can go inside that number is 1 and itself. So, yes. 99.9 is a prime number. By checking, you can do 99.9 divided by 2, and if its a decimal number, then its a prime.

How is 97 a prime number?

It is a prime number because it is a whole number (not a decimal) that can only be divided equally (without a remainder) by 1 and 97.

Is 47 a prime or composite number why?

47 is prime. A number that is prime has only whole factors one and itself. 47 can not be divided evenly without a remainder or decimal.

Can you divide 31?

You can divide 31 by any number. But because it is a prime number, the answer will always be a decimal.

Is 1.7 a prime number?

no, it has to be a whole number without fraction or decimal eg 1,2,3,4 etc

Why can't you find the prime factorization of 4.8?

Because 4.8 is a decimal number and prime factors are whole numbers

How do you determine if a number is prime or composite?

If the number is divisible by any number and the quotient comes out to a whole number, then that number is composite. The number is prime when divided by a number, the answer is a decimal, then the number is prime. A prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and the number itself. Any number having more factors is a composite number.

Are prime numbers still prime in non ten digit counting systems?

Yes. Being a prime number has nothing to do with the decimal system.

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