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For an LCD to work, each pixel must be energized to either let light through or block light out. The difference between active matrix and passive matrix displays is the way in which the pixels are electrically addressed, or "energized." Passive matrix flat panel displays consist of a grid of horizontal and vertical wires. At the intersection of each grid is an LCD element that constitutes a single pixel. Active matrix flat panels are a higher quality and more expensive type of display in which transistors are built into each pixel within the screen. For example, the 1600x1024 screen size requires over 14 million transistors, one for each red, green, and blue subpixel. Active matrix, sometimes also called TFT (thin film transistor) displays typically have higher resolution, higher contrast, and much faster pixel response rates than passive matrix LCDs

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Q: Difference between passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD?
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Passive matrix displays are a low-cost form of LCD that were used widely when color displays were first appearing on mobile phones. They have been replaced by newer TFT LCD technologies that, while more expensive, offer far superior performance. Passive matrix displays tend to look washed out when compared to their active matrix cousins. The most common type of passive matric technology is STN.

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