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Substitute the variable in the denominator for a value that will make the denominator have a value of 0 or an imaginary number

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Q: Explain how to find restrictions on the variable in a rational equation?
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Explain how to solve for the variable in a multiplication equation such as 2.3a equals 4.6?

2.3a = 4.6 In order to leave the variable alone (without the coefficient), divide by 2.3 to both sidesa = 2

How do you explain the law of variable proportion?

Explain the Law of Variable Propotion

What is radial solution in mathematics?

Radial solutions are unique linear and non-linear formula equations used in math to explain the Laplacian equation. To calculate problems, scientist must determine the function based on the variable provided in the equation.

Explain development as a dependent variable?

explain development, i need it for homework

Are all rational numbers whole numbers if no explain?

No, 1/2 is rational, but not a whole number.

Is 0.0400040004 a rational number explain your reasoning?

It is rational because it can be expressed as the ratio 400040004/10000000000.

Explain how to solve an equation with the same variable on both sides?

It really depends what the equation looks like. For example, if the variable is added to other expressions, you can subtract the variable on both sides. Here is an example:3x + 3 = 2x + 10 If you subtract 2x from both sides, you'll end up having the variable only on one side.

What are Explanatory variable?

Explanatory (or predictor) variable: A variable which is used in a relationship to explain or to predict changes in the values of another variable; the latter called the dependent variable.

Which number can be multiplied to a rational number to explain that the product of two rational numbers is rational?

It must be a generalised rational number. Otherwise, if you select a rational number to multiply, then you will only prove it for that number.

Explain the difference between the directions solve evaluate and simplify?

To solve would be to rewrite the equation in terms of the variable in the equation. For example, solve: 3x-2=7. You would solve for the variable x; e.g. 3x=9 and x=3. To evaluate, you would be given an equation with a variable or variables. You would need to be given a value for the variable(s) to substitute into the equation. For example evaluate the equation for x=3; equation is x2+1. Substitute 3 in for x; or 32+1=10. To simplify, reduce the equation to its simplest form. This will involve operations such as: factoring, adding, subtracting, dividing, canceling terms, and so forth. For example simplify the equation: 3x3/9x2. The 3/9 is simplified to 1/3 and x3/x2 is simplified to x. So the original equation simplified is: 1/3 times x or (1/3)x or x/3.Which is the right answer for most of you who does not know.

How do you write a variable?

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How do you write variable?

Explain the ide of matlab