Factor 12x2 plus 24x plus 12?

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Q: Factor 12x2 plus 24x plus 12?
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Factor 12x2 minus 25x plus 12?

(3x - 4)(4x - 3)

How do you Factor the trinomials of 12x2-32x-12?

12x ^2 -32x-12

What is the factor of the trinomial -x 3-10xsquare plus 24x?

-x3 -10x2 + 24x 1) -x can be factored out to give, -x(x2 + 10x - 24) 2) The bracketed expression can be factored as (x + 12)(x - 2), which now gives, -x(x + 12)(x - 2) = -x3 -10x2 + 24x

What is the solution of x power of 2 plus 24x plus 144 equals negative 9?

(x^2) + 24x + 144 = -9 x = -12

What is x squared plus 24x plus 180 equals 0?

x2 + 24x +180 = 0 By using the quadratic equation, you can find that x = -12 + 6i or x = -12 - 6i

How do you factorize 24x plus 36?

It is: 12(2x+3) when factored

How do you solve x2 plus 144 equals -24x?

Im assuming you mean x2 (x squared). This equation will be a quadratic. so... x2+144=-24x subtract -24x from itself and the other side -24x -24x ----------------- x2-24x+144=0 now break it down even further (x-12)(x-12)=0 Now you solve the "mini-equations" x-12=0 x-12=0 +12 +12 +12 +12 --------------------------- x=12 or x=12 hope it helps!!!

What are the x-intercepts of x squared plus 24x plus 40?

-12 +/- sq root 104

How do you factor 12x squared -7x -12?

It is: 12x2-7x-12 equals (4x+3)(3x-4) when factored

Is 12 the factor of 24 how can you check to determine whether it is correct?

Because 12x2=24 or you could do 24/12=2

What is the foiled version of 3x2 - 24x plus 48?


X4 plus 7x2 minus 60 factor completely?

x4 + 7x2 - 60 = x4 + 12x2 - 5x2 - 60 = x2(x2 + 12) - 5(x2 +12) = (x2 - 5)(x2 +12)

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