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Look at the fraction as a division problem.


1/4 is 1 divided by 4, which comes out as .25

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Q: Give the formula for converting fractions to decimals?
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What times 4 can give you 117?

something with fractions or decimals

What is the relashionship between fractions and decimals?

The relationship between fractions and decimals can be seen as follow. Fractions can be represented as ratio of two numbers and on dividing can give a decimal value. And decimal value can be converted into a fraction too.

Give me the examples of the properties of whole numbres?

the simplest answer to that is that whole numbers do not have decimals or fractions.

Your TEXET albert EV-S calculator give decimal questions in fractions?

you have to press F<-->D button, short for fractions - to - decimals

Percent ratio proportion decimals inverse comparing ratios convrting rates rate give the meaning and answer?

give the meaning and answer of kinds of fraction percent ratio proportion decimals inverse comparing ratios converting rartios rate

Give three examples of how integers are used?

1 As whole numbers 2 As prime numbers 3 Arithmetical calculations without fractions or decimals

How fractions are related to repeating decimals and terminating decimals?

Fractions are related to repeating decimals in the sense that a fraction can be represented as a repeating decimal if the denominator has prime factors other than 2 or 5. For example, 1/3 can be represented as 0.3333..., with the 3s repeating infinitely. Terminating decimals, on the other hand, are fractions that have denominators which are powers of 10. For example, 1/4 can be represented as 0.25, which terminates after two decimal places.

How many gallons equals 56 oz?

Although some would say "None. 128 is 1 gal." fractions and decimals give a true answer: .4375 - almost half a gallon.

How do you turn fractions into decimals with example?

you have to find a number that when multipled by it it will give you 10, 100, 1000, etc. An example is 12/20 20x5=100 12x5=60 so the answer is 0.60

Formula for converting ounce per square yard to ounce per linear yard?

Type "X per square yard" in any google search box, where X is your number. Google won't give you a formula, but it does give you an answer.

How can the greatest common factor and least common multiple help you work with fractions?

Finding the GCF of the numerator and the denominator of a fraction and dividing them both by it will give you the simplest form of that fraction. Finding the LCM of unlike denominators and converting them to it will make it possible to add and subtract unlike fractions.

Which is bigger 11 over 5 or 9 over 4?

You can divide 11 / 5, and 9 / 4, on a calculator. That will give you decimals that you can easily compare.You can also convert both fractions into equivalent fractions, with the same denominator. In that case, simply compare the numerators.