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All integers are rational numbers.

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Q: How are the integers and rational numbers the same?
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How are whole numbers rational numbers and integers related?

Whole numbers are the same as integers. Whole numbers are a proper subset of rational numbers.

How are integers are the same as rational numbers?

The question cannot be answered because it is based on a lack of understanding of the terms. Integers are NOT the same as rational numbers.

Can rational numbers be integers?

Not all rational numbers are integers, but all integers are rational.

Are some rational numbers are integers?

Since all integers are rational numbers (but not all rational numbers are integers), the certainly some of the rational numbers are integers. For example, 1, 2, and 3 are rational numbers. They are also integers.

Why venn diagrams are used?

A.(Integers) (Rational numbers)B.(Rational numbers) (Integers)C.(Integers) (Rational numbers)D.(Rational numbers) (Real numbers)

Are any rational numbers integers?

All integers are rational numbers.

Are rational numbers integers?

No, not always, although integers are rational numbers.

Are the rational numbers a subset of integers?

No, integers are a subset of rational numbers.

Are all rational numbers integers-?

Rational numbers are integers and fractions

Are fractions integers or rational numbers?

Fractions are not integers. They may or may not be rational numbers.

How Integers In Rational Number Relate?

Integers are aproper subset of rational numbers.

How can you represent how sets of a whole numbers integers and rational numbers are related to each other?

Whole numbers and integers are the same thing. They are a proper subset of rational numbers.

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