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Let's say the total solution is 100 liters. 50 of the liters is glucose and 50 is water. We want to make the 50 glucose equal to 10% of the total solution. For that to happen, we need to make the total solution 500 liters (50 of the 500 would be a 10% solution). So we add 400 liters of water to the original 100 liter (50/50) solution.

Take the total number of units and multiply by 4. Add that much in water.

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Q: How can i make a 10 percent glucose solution from 50 percent glucose solution?
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Is 10 percent glucose solution hypertonic?

10 percent glucose solution is hypertonic.

How do you make 10 percent glucose solution?

Dissolve 10 g pure glucose in 100 mL distilled water.

Way to make 100cm3 of a 10 percent glucose solution?

by doing titration process

A balloon permeable to water but not to glucose contains a 10 percent glucose solution A beaker contains a 5 percent glucose solution the solution in the balloon is what?

the solution in the balloon is hypertonic relative to the solution in the breaker. is this true

When someone uses a ten percent glucose solution what is actually in this solution?

1:10 ratio.

If A semipermeable sac containing 4 percent NaCl 9 percent glucose and 10 percent albumin is?

suspended in a solution with the following composition: 10% NaCl, 10% glucose and 40% albumin.

Does glucose move into a semipermeable sac?

If you have a semipermeable sac containing 4 percent NaCl, 9 percent glucose, and 10 percent albumin is suspended in a solution with the following com- position: 10 percent NaCl, 10 percent glucose, and 40 percent albumin. The glucose will move into a semi-permeable sac.

How many grams of glucose are needed to prepare 400ml of a 5 percent glucose solution?

400 mls would require 40g of glucose for a 10% solution and thus 20g for a 5% solution.

What will happen when red blood cells are kept in 10 percent glucose solution?


How is a 10 percent - glucose in water - solution prepared?

Dissolve 100 g glucose in 1 L distilled water (or 10 g glucose in 100 mL disitlled water).

How do you make 10 percent solution from 20 percent solution?

Add an equal amounts of solvent and 20% solution together

If there is a 10 percent glucose solution on one side of a semipermeable membrane and 5 percent salt solution on the other side what will most likely happen to the flow of water?

the water would sit below the solution because the glucose is more dense then water.

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