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Let's say the total solution is 100 liters. 50 of the liters is glucose and 50 is water. We want to make the 50 glucose equal to 10% of the total solution. For that to happen, we need to make the total solution 500 liters (50 of the 500 would be a 10% solution). So we add 400 liters of water to the original 100 liter (50/50) solution.

Take the total number of units and multiply by 4. Add that much in water.

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Q: How can i make a 10 percent glucose solution from 50 percent glucose solution?
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How do you make 10 percent glucose solution?

Dissolve 10 g pure glucose in 100 mL distilled water.

A balloon permeable to water but not to glucose contains a 10 percent glucose solution A beaker contains a 5 percent glucose solution the solution in the balloon is what?

the solution in the balloon is hypertonic relative to the solution in the breaker. is this true

If A semipermeable sac containing 4 percent NaCl 9 percent glucose and 10 percent albumin is?

suspended in a solution with the following composition: 10% NaCl, 10% glucose and 40% albumin.

When someone uses a ten percent glucose solution what is actually in this solution?

1:10 ratio.

Does glucose move into the sac?

If you have a semipermeable sac containing 4 percent NaCl, 9 percent glucose, and 10 percent albumin is suspended in a solution with the following com- position: 10 percent NaCl, 10 percent glucose, and 40 percent albumin. The glucose will move into a semi-permeable sac.

Is 10 percent glucose solution hypertonic?

No. Everything below 0.9% of NaCl is hypotonic and every solution with concentration over 0.9% is hypertonic solution.  Isotonic solution (to blood) is the one that has 0.9% of NaCl, or some other concentration of another compound. 

What will happen when red blood cells are kept in 10 percent glucose solution?


How is a 10 percent - glucose in water - solution prepared?

Dissolve 100 g glucose in 1 L distilled water (or 10 g glucose in 100 mL disitlled water).

How many gallons of a 10 percent ammonia solution should be mixed with 50 gallons of a 30 percent ammonia solution to make a 15 percent ammonia solution?

Make an equation: x(.10) = 50gal(.15) Solve algebraically: x = 75 gal

How much solvent must you add to 1 ml of a 50 percent solution to make a 10 percent solution?

4 ml

What weight of glucose is required to prepare 2 L of a 5 percent weight to volume solution?

400 mls would require 40g of glucose for a 10% solution and thus 20g for a 5% solution.

How do you make a 10 percent Clorox solution?

10% = 10 parts in 100 or 1 in 10 parts. So if you make a solution, you need to make sure that whatever the amount of Clorox you use, the total amount of solution is 10 times larger. How to do this accurately depends on the measuring equipment you have available and the amount of solution you need to make.