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the lower number for the denominator greater the number is.

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Q: How do you compare fractions using greater or less than or equal?
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How do you compare fractions by using the gcf?

You cannot compare fractions by using the GCF since GCF determines the common factors of both fractions. Instead, use the LCD to compare the fractions. Find the LCM of the denominator terms of the fractions. Then, obtain the fractions with the common denominators. Finally, compare the numerator values to determine which fraction is the greatest/least.

How can you tell wheather a fraction is greater than less than or equal to one half?

To compare two fractions (check which one is greater), you have the following options: 1. Convert the fractions to a common denominator. Example: compare 2/3 and 1/2. Common denominator is 6. 2/3 is equal to 4/6, and 1/2 is equal to 3/6, so 2/3 is greater. 2. Convert to decimal. This can be done quickly on a calculator. Using the same example as above, 2/3 is 0.6666666... and 1/2 is 0.5, so 2/3 is greater.

How do you compare fractions using a number line?

by looking at the denominator

How can you compare two fractions by using a number line?

convert numbers

Using equivalent fractions Which fraction is greater 2-3or9-12?

9/12 is greater.

When using fractions the whole must be cut into?

Equal parts.

What does compare mean in programming?

It means exactly that. You compare values, using comparison operators such as '==', '<', and '>' (equal to, less than, and greater than respectively). For example; if (value1 > value2) { //Do something }

What is a fraction circle?

A fraction circle is what is used to compare two different fractions using triangles. For example if you have 4/8, 2/4 and 1/2 the answer is that they are equal.

What does ratio mean in math?

a ratio is when you compare two or more objects using percentages or fractions.

What does 5 tenths and 1 whole equal using fractions?


Which is smaller 0.08 or 0.583?

0.08 is smaller - changing to proper fractions and using the same denominator for both fractions, it is equal to 8/1000, while 0.583 is equal to 583/1000.

How do you compare a ratio using division?

Divide the first ratio by the second. If the answer is less than 1 then the first ratio is smaller. If the answer is equal to 1 then the two ratios are equal. If the answer is greater than 1 then the first ratio is larger.

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