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Count the digits to the right of the decimal and divide the digits number, without a decimal, by 1 with (2 + number of digits right of decimal) zeros. So. 490.4% = 4904/100 = 4.904

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Q: How do you convert a percent like 490.4 to a fraction?
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How do you write a percent as mixed fraction?

what i would really like to know is why when i write how do write a PERCENT as a MIXED FRACTION this stupid site decides i want to know how you convert a MIXED FRACTION into a PERCENTAGE! :P

How do you convert a fraction into a percent?

A fraction is basically like a division problem. 1/4 is 1 divided by 4. So, solve that division problem. As a solution, you will get a decimal number. 1 divided by 4 is 0.25. Move the decimal point 2 places to the right. 0.25 => 25. Add the percent sign next to the number. 25%. And that is how you convert a fraction into a percent!

What is the percent of the fraction if the fraction is 1317 out of 4089?

To convert fractions to percents all you have to do is carry out the division. In this case it's 1317/4089. Plug that into your calculator and you'll get something like .32 To convert to a percent you multiply by one hundred, so if my guess was right it'd be 32%

How would convert 0.45 gms to percent?

You can't, at least not like that. 0.4 grams is an amountwhile percent is a fraction of a whole.To make 0.45 grams into percent you have to have something to compare it to, like 0.45 grams out of 0.90 grams is 50%.

in order to convert unlike fraction to like fraction we use?


How do you convert 82 percent into a fraction?

82% is .82, from .82 convert to fraction like so 82/100 = 41/50 With percents you move the decimal to the left 2 places so: 76% --- 76. --- .76 Move the decimal over 2 places. Then just convert it to a fraction 76/100 = 38/50 =19/25

How do you convert -1.8 into a fraction?

-1.8 = -18/10 which is the relevant fraction. It can, of course, be simplified if you like.

How do you convert 0.6125 to a fraction?

0,6125 = 6125/ 10000 You can reduce this fraction to lowest terms if you like.

What does 45 percent look like as a fraction?

45% = 9⁄20

What does 87.5 percent looks like as a fraction?


What does 93 percent look like as a fraction?

93% = 93⁄100

What is 78 percent of a fraction?

78% of a fraction would look like this: 0.78, or on a calculator it could look like this: 77.5

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