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There is no need to round 1097 to any decimal places as there are no digits following a decimal point.

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Q: How do you round 1097 to the third decimal?
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How do you round 0.0717 two decimal places?

Look at the third decimal place. If it is under 5 (as it is in this case), it rounds to .07. If the third decimal place was 5 or higher, it would round to .08.

How do you round 0.6851 to 2 decimal places?

Look at the third decimal place. It is a 5, so it will round up the second decimal to give 0.69 as your answer.

Round 4674273.542 to the third decimal place?

The correct answer is 4,674,273.542

How do you round 3.1159 to the thousandths place?

You would round it up at the third decimal place to 3.116.

How do you round 0.2456 to the nearest hundredth?

The third decimal digit is a 5, so it will round up the 4, giving:0.25

How do you round 0.473 to 2 decimal places?

0.47 - since the third digit is four or less, you round down.

How do you round 76.85582 to nearest hundredth?

The third decimal place is a 5, so it will round up what is left of it, giving:76.86

How do you round to two decimal places?

To be correct, you must look at the THIRD decimal and increase the second decimal by 1 up only if the third decimal is 5 or higher. Leave the second decimal as is when the third decimal is 4 or lower.Examples:12.28 = 12.28 because it was already expressed as 2 decimals.12.284 = 12.28 (4 or less)12.285 = 12.2912.289 = 12.29

How do you Round 0.0816 two decimal places?

As the third digit is a one, it would round down the whole figure, giving 0.08 as the answer.

How do you round 1.7955 to the nearest thousandths?

The third decimal is the thousandths. So 1.7955 = 1.796 to the nearest thousandth.

How do you round 6.0571 to 6.06?

As it is going to two decimal places, we look at the number in the third decimal place. It is a 7, so it causes the 5 to round up to a 6 giving the 6.06 as the final result.

What is the decimal of a third?

decimal of a third = 0.333...

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