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To one decimal place it is 4.1

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Q: How do you round 4.0625 to a decimal place?
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How do you turn 0.40625 into a fraction?

The way I change a decimal like that into a fraction is I put a one under the decimal point and put zeros under all the other numbers. Then I reduce it. .40625 = 40625 = 1625 = 65 = 13 100000 100000 4000 160 32

How do you round 0.2975 10 1 decimal place?

round 0.2975 to 1 decimal place = 0.3

How do you round 68.4 to one decimal place?

to round 68.4 to one decimal place = 68.4

How do you round 10.99557429 to one decimal place?

Round 10.99557429 to one decimal place is 11.0

Round 6.52 by 1 decimal place?

6.5- you round it until it has one decimal.

How do you round 7.7 to the nearest decimal place?

To round a number, the decimal place that you want to round to, needs to be specified. If you want to round to the tenths place or to 1 decimal place, then this number is already there: 7.7 is seven and seven tenths. If you want to round it to zero decimal places, or to the nearest whole number, then look at the tenths place and if it is 0-4 you round down to 7, if it is 5-9 (which it is) you round up to 8.

How do you round a fraction to a decimal to the nearest tenth?

To get the decimal, divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator. If the decimal runs to more than one place, then you have to round it to one decimal place.

How do round 1.51 to 1 decimal place?

Go to the second decimal place; if it is less than 5; round down. If it is 5 or greater, round up. So, 1.51 rounded to 1 decimal place is 1.5.

How do you round 0.872 to 1 decimal place?

It will round up to 0.9 to one decimal place

How do you round 13.5 to one decimal place?

The decimal 13.5 is already rounded to one decimal place.

How do you round 0.24?

It depends on which decimal place you want to round to.

How do you round 2.73 to 1 decimal place?

2.73 ≈ 2.7 to 1 decimal place