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If they are prime numbers only 2 factors but if they are composite number they will have more than 2 factors

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Q: How many factors do each the following numbers have?
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How many mathematical factors are there from 1 to 25?

There are 25 factors from 1 to 25. Each of the numbers can be a factor.

How many numbers have no factors?

All numbers have factors.

How many methods are there for the greatest common factor?

I guess the most common methods are the following: 1) List the common factors, and check which one is greatest. 2) Split each of the numbers into prime factors. Take all common factors and multiply them. 3) Euclid's algorithm. This method is fastest for large numbers.

Is there a limit to how many factors a certain number has?

Each number has a certain amount of factors. Other numbers may have the same amount of factors, but not the same exact factors. Since numbers don't stop, thee amount of factors doesn't stop either, but each number has a distinct set.

What are factors of composite numbers?

There are infinitely many composite numbers with infinitely many factors.

How many numbers can be made from the following dights if each dight is used once 3 5 9 6?

24 numbers.

How many numbers are there less than thirty have exactly 6 factors?

Four numbers less than thirty, 12, 18, 20, and 28, each have exactly 6 factors.

How many numbers of factors does 4 have?

Three factors

How many numbers are factors of 24?

8 numbers.

Is There A Limit To How Many factor a whole number greater than 0 can have?

The limit is infinity if the factors do not have to be whole numbers. If you stipulate that the factors have to be whole numbers, then, yes, for each number, there is a limit to how many factors it has. For example, the number 4 has only 3 whole-number factors: 1, 2, and 4.

How many factors does a prime?

Prime numbers have two factors.

How many of the factors of 80 are prime numbers?

Two of the factors of 80 are prime numbers: 2 and 5.

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