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35 and 6/10 as a decimal is 35.6

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Q: How would 35 and 6 tenths be written in a decimal?
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How do you write 35 tenths as a decimal?

It is: 35/10 = 3.5 as a decimal

What is 35 percent written as a decimal?

35% = 0.35

What is eighteen thirty fifths written as a decimal?

eighteen thirty fifths written as a decimal = 0.514318/35:= 18 ÷ 35= 0.5143 in decimal

How many tenths in 3.5?

3.5 is 35 tenths

What is 35 thousandths written as a decimal?


How do you turn percent into a decimal?

The percent sign is just like a decimal. If you have 35%, then your decimal would be .35. if you have 113%, your percent would be 1.13.

How do you write thirty-five hundredths as a decimal?

35 hundredths written as a decimal is 0.35

What is -35 in decimal form?

If you mean -3/5 then the answer is -0.6 If you mean -35 then it's already a decimal but could be written as -35.0

What is 35 percent as a decimal?

35 percent means a number less than 1, which is shown to the LEFT of the decimal place. But you have 35 one-hundredths (per cent means "for each 100") of 1. That is shown to the RIGHT of the decimal place, in the space for one-tenths and one-hundredths. A non-negative number less than 1 is..... 0! So you write 0. after you add the decimal point. Now you have how many one-hundredths to place in the space for each one-tenth and each one-hundredth? 35!!!!! That is 3 one-tenths and 5 one-hundredths. So your decimal is 0.35, which means 35%.

What is the decimal for 35?

decimal for 35 = 35.0

What is the decimal equivalent of 35 percent?

This is really easy...Just like any other fraction the decimal equivalent is simply the numerator divided by the denominator. For example: 1/4 = .25 BECAUSE 1 divided by 4 equals .25 Any percentage has a denominator of 100. So 35% would be 35/100 35 divided by 100 = .35 Also you can tell by the place value of the decimal. For example: .35 would be written out as 35 hundredths (Meaning 35 per hundred) Since "Percent" literally means PER HUNDRED, 35% would be the same as .35

What is 35 tenths?


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