Is -9pie rational or irrational

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What is 'pie' ; the meat pie that you eat???

I think you mean 'pi' , the mathematical symbol.

Please spell it correctly.!!!!!

pi = 3.141592654.... is an irrational number.

Casually, an IRRATIONAL number is one which the decimals go to infinity and the decimal digits are not in any regular order.

Any number rattional or irrational multiplied to aN IRRATIONAL number produces an irrational result.

Hen ce

-9 is rational

-9(3.141592654...) = -28.27433388... is irrational.

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Irrational. If you multiply a rational number by an irrational number, you will always get an irrational number (except if the rational number happens to be zero).

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Q: Is -9pie rational or irrational
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