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0.33333 is a real number.

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Q: Is 0.33333 a real number integer whole number or natural?
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What is a whole number that is no a natural numbers?

A negative integer is a whole number but not a natural number.

Is 9.3 a natural number?

No, it is not a natural number. It is not a whole, positive integer.

Is 3.5 a real number rational number irrational number integer whole number natural number?

3.5 is real, rational, and natural. It's not irrational, integer, or whole.

1 is part of whole number natural nubmer?

A whole number is one without a decimal or fraction, and a natural number is any positive integer, so this is both a whole number and an integer.

Is the square root of 25 rational irrational whole natural or integer?

The square root of 25 is 5, which is a whole number, an integer, a natural number and a rational number.

Is negative one third an integer whole number or natural number?

It is a whole number.

Is every whole number a natural integer and a rational number?

Every whole number is rational and an integer. But the "natural" numbers are definedas the counting numbers, so the negative whole numbers wouldn't qualify.No and yes: it is not a natural number but it is a rational number.

Is -16 a rational natural whole integer irrational and real number?

It is rational, whole, integer and real but not natural nor irrational.

Is 5 a natural numberwhole number integer rational number or irrational number?

5 is a natural number, as it is an integer greater than zero. It is a whole number, an integer, and a rational number.

How would you classfiy the number 0 natural rational irrational whole or integer?

Rational, whole and integer. Some mathematicians consider it a natural number, others do not.

What is A number that is an integer a whole number and natural number?

Every natural number satisfies the requirements.

What number is an integer and a whole number but not natural?

Any of the negative integers (-1, -2, -3, ... ) is whole but not natural.